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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Year in Review

Well here we are facing 2010. There have been many changes in our world. Most notably on the policical front, is watching the new administration take over the running of our country. Then there are the many people out of work. Some have worked for many years at the same company and now find themselves out of work. Then there are those, who like me have gone back to work after being retired for a few years. I found the need to return to the workforce. I feel very blessed to have found a position doing what I know best. There are many people working entry level positions who formerly where managers, depatment heads, even professionals. I have also seen many people who have come back to work entry level who ran their own company. They are doing this for two main reasons I see. One is for their retirement. That includes me. The other is for health insurance.
I find it sad that as Americans we are working for health insurance. I wonder if the new proposed health bill will do what they say. Is it impossible to reach a consensus that the American people are worth enough to take the policital side out of it. What ever happened to the health care workers who want to take care of paitents? How in the world did this get so out of hand? Is it because insurance companies got involved and then they wanted to make a profit too? I don't want to leave out the pharmaceutical companies either. I am saddened that these companies have become so large that there are people who cannot afford medications or they are dropped by their health insurance company. Or worse, people cannot afford the premium and a doctor won't take them as patients without insurance. Some doctors won't even take medicare. Where is the compassion in that? Shame on them I say. Shame on them all.

by Watheleen

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